Important Notice to QHDTV IPTV Android APK Users

For the security of the server and the stability of channel playback, The engineer encrypted the Android app Please read carefully this article.

1, If you use android device, please install latest version (2.0.4) Lxtream player. you can upgrade online inside APP, also can download from this link:
Please unstall it first then download this link, if you cannot ugrade online.
PS: how to unstall: Settings-Apps-Sell all apps-“lxtream”-uninstall

2, If you like the interface of qhdtv 3 apk, you can upgrade the qhdtv 3 apk (2.0.1). you can upgrade online inside APP, also can download from this link:
Please unstall app first then download link, if you cannot ugrade online.

3, If you use Leadcool Q9 Custom box, you will receive an upgrade prompt, please upgrade to the latest version 1.0.9 online.
If you can't upgrade online, you can install lxtream player in your TV Box and use your code to watch TV

* It is worth noting that the following apps will be disabled on March 10th, please check your app version and upgrade or reinstall lxtream player or QHDTV3 APK before March 10th, 2022
(1) Old version Lxtream player, such as versions before 2.0.2
(2) Old version QHDTV 3 APK, such as versions before 2.0.1
(3) Fake QHDTV APP, such as QHDTV PRO, QHDTV PRO V2 etc.
PS: how to check the APP version: Settings-Apps-Sell all apps-“lxtream”/ "QHDTV 3”

4, In order to protect the server from being hacked by dishonest people, we set each code to be associated with the device. You can login one code on up to 2 devices (one device only at same time).
If you can't login the code after change your device, please contact the seller to clear the data
Therefore, Please don't tell others about your code.

All updates will be completed soon, the server will work better in the future, Let’s look forward to it together
If you need any support, please do not hesitate to contact your seller

Today Date:2023-03-28 19:22:26